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Sons of Norway International is the largest Norwegian-American organization in the world, with headquarters in Minneapolis, MN. Vonheim is one of the largest social chapters of Sons of Norway International and also meets in Minneapolis.

We promote Norwegian traditions and fraternal fellowship through cultural and social opportunities offered by the lodge, district and headquarters. Activities include language camps and classes, scholarships, handicrafts, cooking and heritage classes, heritage programs, sports programs and travel opportunities.

Please feel free to explore our web site and links to other Nordic resources. We typically meet on the 2nd Saturday of each month at Norway House, at 1pm. We encourage guests to attend and learn more about us.

We offer Norwegian cultural heritage activities that enrich understanding and foster friendships—and are fun! Insurance options and related financial benefits secure the future for you and your family. There are outreach opportunities to help others

Some Upcoming Events and Activities

picture of Folk Art

Folk Art

Spread the Word: Invite a Friend

Before our next meeting, please consider asking a neighbor, friend or family member to join you as a first-time guest. Even if they aren’t ready to join as a member, they can help us spread a positive message about our friendly gatherings and welcoming Nordic spirit.

picture of Viking Age

Viking Age

Re-enactments Provide Glimpse into the Viking Age

Viking re-enactment groups are becoming more prevalent than ever, with groups popping up in the United Kingdom, mainland Europe and Northern America.

Related Facebook groups may be a reason for the rise in awareness and popularity, with several groups each boasting thousands of members.

Reenactment groups strive for authenticity in their activities, be it scenes from everyday life (baking, forging, gardening, carving) or participating in re-created battles. Many members of these groups study Viking life and culture in detail, from exploring ancient Viking sites, studying Norse sagas or scrutinizing artifacts and old trade routes.

There are active online marketplaces for buying, selling and trading Viking replicated clothing, accessories and equipment. On websites such as Etsy one can source jewelry, tunics, headwear, footwear, tankards, shields, props and more.

To get a real flavor for Viking re-enactment, check out a recent issue of National Geographic, “The Vikings, Lords of Sea and Sword.” Re-enactors were used in photographs to illustrate in detail various aspects of Viking life